We welcome our guests with a glass of wine and do not bid them farewell until they know about all the itineraries and tourist spots within easy reach of our winery.


Any time of the year is good for visiting our winery and the magnificent surrounding territory.
In spring the splendid green hills are dotted with brightly coloured flowers.
In summer there is the added scent of hay and rows of green-leaved vines, heavy with grapes developing their sugar content.
In autumn, after the grape harvest, the generous vines explode with the seasonal colours of ochre, deep red, leaden green and brown.
Winter brings the silence of dormant vegetation and we can enjoy walking through the vineyards and observing the strength of the nude vines, at times cloaked in immaculate snow.
These are the stupendous colours that make working in our vineyards a joy for us.


We are located in the province of Treviso (Marca Trevigiana), right in the heart of the territory between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, on the morainic hills that have recently become a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Great leaders, illustrious architects and enlightened men of faith have left their mark: past splendours that are still with us, perfectly set in wondrous Nature, contribute to the formation of unique, unforgettable landscapes.


The people of these lands will welcome you at any time of the year and you can choose your type of holiday from a variety of opportunities: cultural, food and wine, sport and regeneration in structures specially designed for your relaxation.
In particular, our hills are rich in paths and cycle tracks, as well as numerous typical inns and restaurants where you can taste genuine local produce.