Our Story

Our story in the vineyards and winery closely reflects the tradition and typical features of this territory in the morainic hills surrounding Solighetto, province of Treviso, ideal for exalting Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG.


In the 1960s our father Lino Ballancin came home from a long stint of hard work in Switzerland and purchased some land from the Brandolini Counts. He had the foresight to choose to cultivate vineyards rather than other crops, notwithstanding market trends were not favourable at the time.

We are Sergio and Antonio, his sons, and we remember our childhood years well because they were hard times: we worked constantly in the vineyards, even on Sundays. Fortunately, we had the unconditioned assistance and support of our mother Maria.

It was in those years that our agricultural business began and we are still proud to continue dedicating all our efforts to it today.

When our father was awarded the title of Cavaliere della Repubblica (the equivalent of a British knighthood), in 2012, for us it was a well-deserved acknowledgement of everything he had created and all the knowledge and values he passed on to us.

Now, after studying at the Conegliano Oenological School and gaining experience through many years of hard work, we are grateful to our parents and proud to belong to this land of universally renowned wine and bubbly.