Our Estate

Our winery welcomes visitors in via Drio Cisa, on the magnificent panoramic road that leads from Refrontolo to Solighetto.

The Winery

We are located in a place far from noise and frenzy, where we breathe the air of the authentic countryside and where work starts early in the morning for the whole family, out in the vineyards and in the winery.
Our technical knowledge, gained through our education and experience, has led us to introduce a second fermentation line that guarantees the entire supply chain, from the bunches of grapes up to the bottle, is our own production: sparkling bubbles are real creations that fully observe the traditions of this territory, wholeheartedly dedicated to vines and their gifts.

Our Vineyards

Our hills, at the foot of the Prealp ridge, provide a flow of air that keeps winter days dry and brings warm winds in summer, assisting the healthy growth of vines.
The soil is permeable and stony; exposure to the sun’s rays is ideal.
The grape varieties that benefit the most from this are Glera and Verdiso, which we harvest by hand, paying careful attention to the quality of each bunch.
It’s hard work that binds us to the land and its rhythms, but it gives us the satisfaction of excellent results.